For perfect executions of your transports and customs operations

What we do for you

Thanks to our warehouses and facilities close to each other we offer you the possibility to use both platforms to deliver or to be delivered. Our Team of helpful experts are aiming to offer you a full range of services, transport, customs clearance and logistic services.
We try to make it easy for you with motivated and professional staff. Processing the order through a single source provides you with a major benefit in terms of efficiency: you save time, effort, staff and costs.

  • Customs clearance as a central element of the logistics chain

    Customs clearance is a core link in the logistics chain and affects around 20,000 lorries that cross the Swiss border daily. However, the regulations for international goods exchange are becoming increasingly diverse.

    We master the complexity of customs for you – with speed, security and reliability. Regardless of which border crossings your goods use to enter or leave Switzerland: we are there and carry out French, German or Austrian import and export customs clearance. For Italian clearances, we work with Italian customs clearance partners.

    You can therefore choose us as your partner for all destinations, rather than having several partners or even a different one at each border crossing. That increases your efficiency.

  • Customs clearance at our domestic terminals (ZE/ZV – Authorised Consignee/Authorised Consignor)

    Cross-border goods transit can move fast. So fast, in fact, that your goods are mostly already cleared through customs when the lorry arrives.

    • We master the most complex customs clearances and procedures
    • We specialise in mass processing
    • Passive and active processing procedures
    • Provisional import and export clearances
    • Creation and deletion of T1
  • Transportation, domestic groupage distribution and warehouse logistics

    We take care of everything – from your domestic transports in Switzerland and Europe-wide transportation services, for Parcels, Groupage, part- and full-loads.

    • Our core competencies include innight logistics as well.
    • We maintain various warehouse locations and terminals with ZE/ZV (approved recipient/sender) status at strategically important intersections throughout Switzerland.
    • Should you look for those facilities and services in France, please do not hesitate to contact us. This would include fiscal services in France.

Your benefits

  • Speed, flexibility and reliability
  • Our employees love to serve you
  • Educated and professional personnel that know their customers and their needs
  • Gapless coverage for delivery or collection in all European countries
  • Individual offers to suit your requirements
  • No unnecessary time wasted at the border

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